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Vegan Life Festival

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Friday last week the Free & Real crew packed up, filled the vans with fuchata (F&R made hazelnut créme) and headed for Athens. Once in the car we played the three hour game of "What-would-you-think-the-other-people-in-the-car-would-do-for-a-living-if-this-was-the-first-time-you-met-them", which was quite entertaining in and of itself, although the main goal of the journey was the Vegan Life Festival that would happen the Sunday to come.
This meant we had a free day in the capital. And having set out for a culinary experience in the first place; me, Johannes and Joshua thought we just as well could expand on the theme. We made our way towards Exarcheia, where the rumors had it that the squatters and anarchist had thrown together some of the best vegan alternatives of the city. Three dishes later and we all agreed that there were truths to the rumors.
So came Sunday - and the Vegan Life Festival.
This was the third consecutive year it was held, and from what I've come to understand the past five years has been somewhat of a vegan boom in Athens.
Anastasia operates the Free & Real stand, making sure the crowd gets equipped with just the right amount of fuchata, herbs and toothpaste.
I was somewhat surprised by the amount of people the festival managed to attract. The whole day the area looked pretty much as at the picture, and hearing from the lead manager afterwards, the total number of visitors were 18.000. Not bad Athens, not bad at all!
The feast of Saturday was just a preparation for the food odyssey of Sunday. Vegan wraps, hamburgers, roasted vegetables, burritos, nacho plates, ice cream, sweets of all sorts and a really tasty vegan cheese! Bellies full and hearts content!
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