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The Hybrid Mega Yurt - Part I

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There was a meeting one early morning. Visions were being shared. Words flowed in spectacular streams. Down into the long, tufted grass where a secret line had been drawn.
Blown away by the magnitude of the task at hand, armed with tools of our choice, we began the clearing and leveling of the area. And the secret line soon became the border of a 60 m2 circle.
With a Hybrid Mega Yurt Schematic Diagram in hand, the ground was measured and marked after the instructions. It was then re-measured for safety, and then partly tri-measured for fun.
Digging the holes was up next.
40 of them in total.
For a stable foundation.
We know how to dig them holes.
Stones were handpicked in the local stonefield. In preparation for the coming step, the fresh catch was placed by our new collection of holes. 
This part is something most of us here excel at at this point - Getting the poles into the holes. I have described the process more in detail in an earlier post. Basically the tarred wooden pole is placed in the hole and made stuck with help of stones, dirt and water. All our structures rests on these foundations.
Some holes are deeper than others... The excavation team for the final step of the pole setting emerges and gives us green light to proceed.
(Notice the solar powered SEYN-speaker that powered us with its groove)
Supervisor Apostolos is checking out the tarring process, EVS-recruit Luisa gives a thumb up. Which could mean anything from "The project is moving on as planned and our ETA is set at 30 clicks in the past future. Prepare yourself!", to "The tar tasted nice."
Reminds you of something?
That's right, that epic moment when Colonel Nicholson finally leads his men to finish the construction of the bridge over the river Kwai.
And the cosmic entities are praised as we reach six meters closer to them!
Replacing that dirt floor with a foundation of gravel, to avoid mud and to keep it dry.
Before the gravelled circle of unparalleled parallel pillars, I finish my day with an outstretched arm contemplation over what is to be next.

April - The Month of Fools

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So... yeah... we played Scrabble.. Greek Scrabble, Σκραμπλε I suppose.
We didn't know that much Greek, so we kept it to English words. More or less.
I took home the game with Istoves (bottom left), and by adding to the duration of the cow's distress (bottom right) a few times. It was some well spent hours.

And April! Heck, it could as well be early May. The weather isn't holding back. Just look at how turquoise it is. And there's plenty of other colours abound as well!

This morning I took a 6 km run down to our beach location, jumped in the water and tried some new sub-aquatic exercises, got in to our building site well in time for a coffee, watched the rest of the group come back from their pre-noon routines and just soaked in that spirit of a totally voluntary work schedule. There's some really cool stuff in the pipeline at the moment, that I'm very excited about seeing the progress of.

Also, by now I could pretty much write a "how-to-manual" for quitting tobacco.
You know what, I'm just gonna go ahead and do it!
Alright! Here's the steps, follow closely:

1) Quit using tobacco

2) Do some pull-ups while waiting for the potato to boil
3) Mash them until they are fluffy and add lingonberry jam
4) Serve with self-made chopsticks

You Snus You Lose

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Last night I opened my snus (Swedish tobacco) box, looked down at the last little pouch of grounded herbs and nicotine, realizing that it very well could be my last taste of tobacco ever. Huzzah!

After coming to Greece, my personal import of snus has been a project in and of it self. Stocking up (hehe) to survive the coming future, with time the money spent seemed as unnecessary as the toxic intake. So finishing yesterday's box will be the end of my seventeen year long relationship with tobacco.

But I will not just quit out of necessity; yesterday's box was the second last - the last one, loaded with fresh juicy snus, I have left on the roof beams.

I choose to quit.
Just hoping no one finds out about my lingonberry jam stash...