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Surveying the lake

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2018 is about to begin at Free&Real. Today we drove the newly acquired, white, four wheel drive, Yamamitzu-Subaro X40.000 Mountain Leveler up to the Telathrion site - the first trip of the year for us and the van. The winter winds had blewn some things over and ripped a bit in the tarp of the dome, but beside that the mountain was green and peaceful.

Our main objective for the day was making a survey of the lake, that is the hole soon to become a lake. Tomorrow the first big project of the year will take form, and the very hole on the picture above will be prepared during a ten day program, where a team of twenty people have signed up to help with the first steps of this ecological transformation.
Check out the beast in the background!

The Catan Pros

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The January days have been cold and rainy, suitably the projects' population has been dominated by Scandinavians, who are used to the harsh climate that winter brings, knows how to make a fire and to drape themselves in an extra blanket. More precisely we have had Michael Laakasuo, Finlands leading cognitive scientist in the field of AI and human emotions, over for a visit. His broad knowledge in many areas have led to many interesting discussions. Check out one of his debates on the development of AI here.

More importantly - the gloom and chill were dealt with through the age old art of board gaming. For three straight nights we dove into the world of pilgrims, and became The Settlers of Catan! After many hours of building, trading, tactic talks and strategy analysis, we considered ourselves pro gamers. Soon our Catan alter egos were a fact. From the left we have: Magic SevenEleven, The Ninja Pirate Viking Goat King and Doctor L.


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no sleep... got up... ate an orange, is it still the previous year? ... and a bananana... I drank coffee! ...made four cats chase one twig... played a strange scale on the guitar, tried to play it unstranged, was the guitar backwards? ..maybe it wasn't stringed. . . I cut a bit of cloth and hung it on a string... was it a day today. The sun is shining, let's sit in it, Yes.
It's a very nice day today
Yes it is?
Have you fetched the twigs!
I do cats it made the
There are no twigs...
What is this..?
What a strange thing... why is it here? For sure it can't be a tower, it's way to soft and vacuumy... and it has no name.
It do?
Is it..?
I have things I was doing. There is no time for this! Where is the marmelade? Ah, yes... And the better parts of the table will for sure be written into the will. Yes the chairs as well. Splendid! See you again next same day!
Is this still the window sill. Good! I shall have it removed.
Another year? Again?! Enough is enough!
I won't be sure to not ungive them an offer that isn't irrefutable.
Are you still here?
Let go of me!
What kind of       dream is thi s...     these   col  ours are    not t  rue...     the   geometry is to   non-euclidean... is    that   curry?
Why am I sowing?
Is this a thread or a field?
How long have I been here?
Why is it looking like this?
The cloth... and thread
....and shape
For five hours?!

Ah, now I remember!
It's my brand new chopsticks sheath!
 Worth every moment of it!