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The Hybrid Mega Yurt - Part III

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Here comes the third part of the hybrid mega yurt adventure!
After having layered the first level, with beams, net, insulation and floor. We now moved on to create a second level within the main body of the structure. This floor would be a smaller and open area constructed around the three main pillars of the yurt.
Base foundation for the second level done, roughly four meters above the ground. Also notice the perpendicular pillars surrounding the first level, they will soon come in handy.
The three main pillars gets connected on the top, creating a tringel of support and stability. At this point there was a certain amount of swayiness in the structure.
Now the wooden circle made by Team Working-In-The-Shade-With-Coffee-And-Watermelons came in to use. Circle gets placed on top of triangel by a multitude of hands. It gets to rest there for a while before fastened, since placing it in the exact middle point of the yurt is essential.
Meanwhile I'd been taking on the task of designing and creating the first set of stairs. Since a pile of hay bales wasn't considered a viable long term solution, I went back to the drawing board and went for a more actual construction. The plateau, seen on the picture, would get connected to a quite intricate flight of stairs, winding in, out and over itself. I had it all clear and measured in my head, unfortunately I left for Sweden before finishing the project. Although I must admit the end result was as cool, and maybe even a bit more practical.
Giving that plateau some good stepping space.
Our first visitor! Spyros wishes to borrow a spoonful of sugar, a cup of coffee and a sense of direction in life, unfortunately we're not that kind of an establishment.
Back at the circle - now time is for that crucial, and muscle draining, step of fastening the centered circle to those perpendicular rim beams, and thusly finish up the whole foundation of the building.
The first one is set. It's now imprtant to work the opposing sides to counter the pressure.
The beams are connected, the circle is complete! The really beautiful thing with this yurt is the third level penthouse, with ocean view, that will be on top of the circle.
And as I left in the first days of May, right before the ten day natural building workshop, this wooden hybrid mega yurt foundation had appeared on that small piece of tufted grass land.

The Hybrid Mega Yurt - Part II

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Before I left Greece in May, we'd been in a building frenzy. I will now do a recap for what transpired in those late spring days - a follow up on part I of The Hybrid Mega Yurt.
Where we left off last time, we had managed to turn our dirt patch into a field of poles. So far all good.

A new morning meeting of minds was now required again, in order to work out the fine details of the next step. Lines and numbers were sketched upon paper, in different colours and sizes to clarify different versions.
Soon all were content, and the cutting of pieces followed. 
The ceremonial carrying and juggling of the pieces.
In accordance with the lines, the pieces were screwed unto the poles, and bars were cut in similar lengths as the numbers.
The IKEA-team is let loose on a tree growing too close to the building site.
Next the bars are fastened unto the fortified poles.
The following day we divided into two teams; the Net-team was responsible for adding a metal net on top of the bars. This turned out to be a somewhat tricky venture, since we had to not walk on the unexisting, but perceivable, floor.
The other team, lets call them Team Working-In-The-Shade-With-Coffee-And-Watermelons, they made a wooden circle...
We also reinvented Jenka.
Metal net done, now we clad the area with fabric and a new set of beams. Although looking safer, there was now a three level increase in required ninja skills for not wrecking our work or yourself.
Level seperation complete! And some nice shade in addition.
Hay arrives!
After having added an in-layer of smaller beams into the last layer, in order to create rectangular pockets, we filled these with above mentioned hay. Using hay as insulation is, as of yet, untested in our previous structures, and is therefore now tested, at the Test Site.
And successively the floor comes into being, as the boards are nailed fast. 
I'll end this second part of the construction of the hybrid mega yurt here. But promise to return with part three, before I'll post part four.

Back In Greece

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Early May I decided to make a short visit in Sweden in order to attend an event I did not have the heart to miss out on. I put down my yurt building gloves, left the schematics to the staircase on the drawing desk and packed myself away from the accentuating Greek summer heat.

And suddenly I was back in Sweden, where I was met by cloudless skies pumping 30 degrees celsius straight to your face. An event far exceeding expectations, friends all to lovely not to hang out with, beautiful Swedish summer nights and a proposal of work and living quarters - kept me in the north for months to follow.

And some months it has been... parts of which I've seen through the eyes of the third and fourth child of God, Departmental figures on the borders of reality and a post-apocalyptic survivor in the remnants of society. The realization of roleplaying surely has left the biggest impact on me this summer. And I'm curious to explore that path further.
And returning to Greece. Climbing off a plane in the cool night of a late mediterranean summer. A short buss ride. And within the day of leaving the receding evening warmth and length of northern europe, I stand before fully organized and structured Eco-festival on a mountain top on Evia. And again the radiance of smiling faces and loving embraces. The sun continues to shine!

The journey continues!