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Winter Beard Shaving Day!

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The rain has stopped falling, the cold dissipated, the thermometer reaching toward the twenty and the sun has returned to blister and burn our naked skin  - It's officially spring in Greece!
This event is marked by the traditional removal of the Winter Beard. All that facial hair that happily have been left to venture further out and explore the unknown reaches beyond nostrils, cheeks and chin, are now to be hastily cut and severed, left forgotten on ground and in bin.

Such an eventful happening has of course been photo documented, and as always before and after pictures shall be provided for those of the curious inclination. Here we go!

My apologies! It seems that the after picture have gotten mixed up with previous year's Winter Beard Shaving Day's picture. I get confused by the folder system at time, just one moment and I will make sure the to get the right upload.

... wtf?
Umm, I've seem to have encountered some technical difficulties. Give me another moment here...
Okay, appearntly there were some miscommunication between the proxy server and reality. I just needed to reboot my cognitive functions and unsubscribe from WWF.

Here's finally the promised before and after pictures from Winter Beard Shaving Day of 2018 in their entirety:

And happy Winter Beard Shaving Day!
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