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Intermission - Family roadtrip

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So family appeared at the doorsteps of Free and Real. After a few nights here we took to the roads, the greek countryside swished by us as we made our way to Chalkida. From there some quite epic mountainscape surrounded us as we proceeded west. We found shelter in Itea the first night, and the following day we climbed the mountain to reach the first planned destination - Delphi. Or as my sister referred to it: "Another pile of old rocks scattered around the ground". However, this pile of old rocks lay scattered in a quite steep slope, providing the visitor with some rather nifty scenery.

Continuing our journey in the afternoon, a four hour drive got us to Kalabaka just after dusk. And the following morning we got to look out over the impressing architectural achievement that is the monasteries on the cliffs of Meteora. The area was still had plenty of tourists lingering about in the warm October sun, but the constructions and the view were no less magnificent for that.

In the evening I found a trail leading from the outskirts of Kalabaka up into the mountain. I managed to hike halfway to the summit before the sun set behind the opposing ridge, and the third night fell over us.

We drove east the day after, to the first finger of Chalkidiki. Met up with my father who also was a visitor to the country. Thereafter I continued alone to Thessaloniki, wandered the city for a couple of hours, went out for a late beer with a friend by the docks, overslept and missed my planned route, went with the backup plan and got onboard. They showed Final Destination on the bus, twice in a row. I got to Arkitsa just in time for the last ferry. Got picked up in Aedipsos. And stepping into the workshop at Free and Real, it felt like coming back home.

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