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Calisthenics for the masses

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I recently got hold of some photos from the three days workshop that was held two weeks back. The workshop theme for all of October was physical health, previous weekends had been filled with yoga, tai chi and thai massage. This time acro yoga was on the schedule. That and calisthenics, that is body weight exercises, directed by me.

First day I showed different ways of working the whole body - strength, balance, endurance and agility - without any equipment except yourself. And some basic ways to decrease or increase the amount of weight you put into the exercise. The second day I held the warm up for the acro yoga, including the life saving ninja roll!

Here's my bio should you want to recommend me:
Felix McDowell is joining us from the harsh wastelands of the cold north. Having spent the last seven years trapped in an ice cave, surviving on a diet of gravel and lost tourists, while developing his skills as an calisthenics master - he will now hold his first exclusive workshop in this forgotten art. The classes will include one finger push-ups, swinging wildly from ropes, infernal screaming, baking cupcakes, entering parallel dimensions and dodging boulders. In the advanced levels it will be done blindfolded. Brace yourselves - Winter is coming!
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