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Mazi Farm

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After a splendid vacation in Sweden - full of warm meetings with family and friends, hugs, dances, eye gazing, giant cock battles, 3D-hologram workshops, sabrage ceremonies, a gold medal in 3 person 3 meter blanket crawl and many more moments that will live on in my memory - I am now back in Greece!

From Athens I have travelled east, to the small port of Agia Marina, where a ferry waited for me to pass over to the southern tip of Evia. The month before I first set out on my adventures in Greece, I was gladly surprised to find out that my friend Dimirti had bought a piece of land and set up a farm on the same island I was going to. Though Evia might be big, the world is yet small. And there I am, eating a toast by the port in Nea Styra, when I see the curly haired man smiling out from a white van outside the window.

Together with his family, Dimitri has acquired five acres of land on the slopes overwatching Styra. And he hasn't turned in to any kind of farmer; what's being planned is an agroforest! Which is a land use with sustainability as a primary goal, where the crops are combined with shrubs and forest in order to create a more diverse and ecologically sound environment for food growth. Should you ever pass by Evia in the coming years, this will be a cool place to check out - Mazi Farm

Dimirti, being quite full of knowledge in the field of sustainable farming, has managed to fill my head with some new information and concepts during our walks over the land. Amongst other things the difference between  regenerative agriculture and organic farming; where the former strives to regenerate topsoil and enhance the ecosystem, and by doing so creating a more vital land that improves farming long term. So skip organic products, the regeneration mark is on its way!

We've spent the days planting seeds, mainly wild oak trees, in the tilled soil. The oaks will help stabilizing the soil for the fruit trees to come. We finished off with building an obstacle course for the dogs.
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