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Sometimes Her Dreams Spilled Over Into Reality - I

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In August of 2017 I sat down with glue, scissor, magazines, pen and paper and reflected for a while. The result was a collection of 51 pictures and collages with adhering fragments of text - I've namned it Sometimes Her Dreams Spilled Over Into Reality.

Here is the first sample. More might come.

Reflective disclaimer: Taking offense is a subjective measure; a consequence of cognitive dissonance, a clash of ideas, ideals or notions of reality within the beholder, or an interpretation leading to fear in front of an unmet need. In the emotional state of feeling offense there lies a great opportunity to contemplate the nature of this inner conflict, an occasion to luminate this inner drama; and maybe reach a state of congruity, or be able to form a suitable request to the outer world.
Should any of life's content manage to offend you, I'd be glad for you -  and wish you a constructive moment of self-analytical reflection.

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